Style Check Workshops by Core Impression

“Fashions fade, style is eternal.” (Yves Saint Laurent)

Style Check Workshops

Style is a powerful way to say about self without having to speak a word.

It is a reflection of what your attitude and personality are. The way you walk, talk, act and carry self impacts and transmits building a preconceived image in other person’s mind.

We all possess style but what happens to be a task is finding it out.

Style is personal and stays forever.

We at Core Impression will aid you in discovering the clothes and accessories that flatters or complements your age, shape and personal style. Our emphasis is on skilfully styling and coordinating your appearance covering every aspect.

We provide Individual and Group Workshops to help you understand and your style, let us know your area of interest

Our basis style tips and techniques will upgrade the way you look and feel about yourself. Once you posses the new tips you can shop and create a more meaningful wardrobe and feel wonderful.


Highlights of the workshop

Everyday Styling and Grooming essentials

  • Explore the style personality you wish to carry
  • How to use your Personal Style as an asset
  • How to dress smart, to ensure confidence throughout the day
  • How to create your own individual style by using accessories and fashion items
  • The benefits of effective wardrobe planning

Your Style- A powerful Resource

  • Working effectively with colour
  • How to plan your wardrobe according to your lifestyle and budget
  • How to fill your wardrobe with clothing that makes you feel fabulous
  • The importance of a good fit
  • How to elongate your body-shape
  • Why style check workshop?

    • Identity– Our style check workshop will pave path to own a visual style that is unique yet identifiable for others. Possessing an identity worth a positive discussion by others is integral not only for success in personal life but professional lives too.
    • Opportunities – You do not get a second chance to create a good first impression on others. Your physical image (i.e. your clothing, hairstyle, smell) – all are capable of influencing the type of communication you are a part of. People are opinionated and that is what we help you with – generating the appropriate opinion of you.
    • Consistency – Having created your desired image, achieving uniformity in portraying yourself, the way you want is significant. Our workshop aims to help you discover, project and stay consistent in doing your style in confident manner.

    We assess the style at individual level and provide a detailed understanding about yourself. We have workshops that can suit your individual requirements. You will learn:

    • What body shape are you

    • Before and after analysis of your style

    • What is your colour and style

    • How to shop and what to look for

    • Basics of styles

    Other Workshops we offer

    Image Enhancement Workshops

    With the right Image, one can easily master the art of expression through the right channels i.e. physical appearance, body language and communication skills. Our Image Enhancement workshop revolves around the transition from an inert and neutral state to an ardent one.

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    Makeup Worskhop

    Our makeup workshops will inculcate you to include makeup as a part of your daily routine. We provide you more than basic makeup workshop. You will learn a step by step approach and techniques to apply makeup in the right order.

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    Colour Workshop

    “Color! What a deep and mysterious language, the language of dreams.” (Paul Gauguin). It is about the choice of colour which suits you the best leaving an impression. Colour analysis workshop helps you to understand the colours that suit you best !!

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    We Believe

    We at Core Impression believe that styling is not just picking and trying random styles. It’s a unique approach on understanding the basics about an individual that will help to:

    • Feel Confident with the style you pick, you can look taller, slimmer, camouflage the body parts that you don’t like.
    • We bring best in you by making you look younger and more alive. Our colour analysis techniques bring the right portrait to your confident style.
    • Choosing your wardrobe without stress and fuss.

    We also provide style workshops for individual based on occasion like:

    • Wedding style from makeup and outfits, we help you get through to the journey.
    • Travelling outside India for work or vacation.
    • Want to leave an impression at Grand Celebrations in family or work.

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