Power Dressing Workshop

"You can have anything you want, if you dress for it.” (Edith Head)

Dress code is deemed significant in the corporate world. Power dressing is the art of influencing people by appropriate dressing. It is the right combat kit for your success trip to the top. From business formals to business casuals to Friday dressing and everyday business look – every little thing matters. Our power dressing workshops will take you on the journey of self analyzing your dressing pattern and ultimately improving it to dress for success.

Familiarising you with the right colours in sync with your skin tone, identifying the right designs for you, enlightening you with the significance of the fit and finalizing the right fit for you – all form a part of our power dressing workshops. Further hair also do not go unnoticed, we will hand hold you in the same too.

Highlights of the workshop

Dress for success

  • Dress with confidence
  • Psychology of colours
  • Instant Style discovery session
  • Familiarization with powerful classic styles
  • Corporate Dressing

Clothing : A powerful resource

  • Enhance your dressing style : Elements of design
  • Personal and professional grooming
  • Scarf tying
  • Body type dressing
  • Pattern mixing and fabrics

Benefits of the workshop

Human Interaction is built on much more than the spoken word. Without us even being aware of it,  perceptions of others is formed within fractions of seconds largely based on appearance. The Power Dressing session focuses on ” Right Clothing for Right occasion” the workshop is very:

  • Inspiring – The Shakespeare phrase from Hamlet stands changed to “clothes make the man.” Dressing has become a spotlight, not only for the working class but for all. The ascendant oriented workplaces call for employees with personality that inspires others, we advise you on how to dress to impress.
  • Productive – Dress how you want to be addressed. Be a role model not only because of what you do but with the way you carry your attire and accessories too. Let your power dressing take the lead and begin the task for you. We will teach you to dress to turn out whatever you do into that much talked about productive stuff.
  • Valuable – We will help you in balancing the yin and yang elements in personality using the right dressing techniques. When you supersede your previous respective images for good, it is all worth it. Impeccable should be your dressing style for creating that public persona and add value to your social group.

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We also provide style workshops for individual based on occasion like: - Wedding style from makeup and outfits, we help you get through to the journey - Travelling outside India for work or vacation - Want to leave an impression at Grand Celebrations in family or work We at Core Impression believe that styling is not just picking and trying random styles. It’s a unique approach on understanding

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