Makeup Workshops

“The best thing is to look natural but it takes makeup to look natural.” (Calvin Klein)

Wouldn’t it be great if every day goes as flawless as your make up?

Highlighting what you own is an art, an art learnt by many. If this is where you feel, you lack then we are the right guides to be.

Our makeup workshops will inculcate you to learn makeup as a part of your daily routine. We will accentuate your assets and conceal your imperfections, if any.

Thanks to the today’s technology you can look fabulous, young and professional at any age with any texture of skin.

We at Core Impression provide in depth knowledge and practical hands on to everything about:

  • Makeup and skin care for basic beginners
  • All about skin cares regimes
  • Creating flawless make ups
  • Age-based make ups.
  • Training beyond basics

The trainers at Core Impression have been awarded with highest degree of recognition in Image industry, The Image consultants have years of experience and have been trained by global partners.

Our guidance lets your outer radiance match with what lies inside you. Something that will make you feel good and something that enhance your natural beauty employing both traditional as well as modern ways.

A great way to look and feel confident is to look smart presentable . Makeup application is the foundation to the most important aspect of Image called “ Appearance”. You will learn a step by step approach and techniques to apply makeup in the right order.

The workshop includes

Be your own Makeup Artist

  • Skin Type Evaluation
  • Make Up order for Application
  • Proper Foundation techniques
  • Concealing and highlighting techniques
  • Knowing Face Shapes
  • Makeup tips for working women

Get Glamorous

  • Lip shapes
  • Perfect eyebrow grooming
  • Perfect Eyeliner and lashes
  • Proper usage of brushes
  • Skin care Techniques
  • Product information
  • Day and night makeup

Why makeup workshop?

Our session covers Foundation techniques, Skin caring techniques, base makeups, Face Accents, Work your makeup with brows, eyes, lips and understanding about the makeup tools that will help you take your makeup as professional and flawless as you get in any high end makeup artist.

  • Self-Confidence – Makeup is correctly portrayed as self confidence that is applied directly to your face. Look your best and walk out to rule the world. Our makeup workshop is an all inclusive package that shows you the way to gain power in every sphere of life.
  • Expression – Makeup is an expression. Makeup is an art that lets you turn back the clock and stay young. Our makeup workshop makes you learn the makeup application techniques right, maintaining your natural beauty. Isn’t it a good idea to age gracefully? It surely is!!
  • Attention – Makeup cannot make an ugly thing look beautiful. It is about magnifying the beauty that already exists inside you. Augmenting what you already possess is an art, we will teach you. Be yourself, get attention and conquer the issues around you with our advice on highlighting your inner beauty.

We have list of recommended tools and kits for getting the best out of you in the workshops. 

This workshop is for someone who:

  • Has Desire to learn more than basis makeup
  • How to use different makeup for different occasion
  • Tried to learn from tutorials but want a practical hands on to the makeup
  • Learn the tricks to create a picture perfect finish

To speak to our consultant, feel the form and get a call in next 24 hours.

Our Makeup Workshops provide different level of trainings:

  • Basis Makeup sessions
  • Occasion based Makeup sessions
  • Understanding Colours and tools sessions
Our Make ups workshops can be provided in Individual and groups. To speak to our consultant, fill the form and get a call in next 24 hours.

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