You only get one opportunity to make a first impression

What you have is not success but who you are, is!! Waiting for an opportunity is squandering time, creating it is the right approach. Appearance rules the world and is the power you are looking for. How others perceive is not in your hands but influencing the same, definitely is.

Many-a-times we have observed appearance alone, being swept away under the carpet. However appearance does have a lasting and big impact on other’s perception about us. It is integral to your success by grooming you personally as well as professionally.

Highlights of the workshop

First Impressions, Make them long lasting

  • How are First Impressions formed
  • Meaning of personality in detail
  • Induction to various aspects of Personality
  • Grooming and personal Styling
  • Wardrobe styling and management
  • Levels of clothing

Making a Difference with Soft Skills

  • Introduction to aspects of Internal Image
  • Modern Protocol
  • Dining Etiquette at its best
  • How to network like a pro
  • Concept of mindfulness
  • Appropriate body language

Why image enhancement program?

Everyone is born unique however there still are certain traits that set you apart from the crowd. These characteristics define who you are and your response to the various situations. in other words YOUR IMAGE. the Image Enhancement workshop revolves around the transition from an inert and neutral state of existence to an ardent, goaded and joyous one. It aims at improvising your interpersonal skills like vocal intelligibility, conversational skills, self presentation and much more.

  • Confidence– Self confidence is undoubtedly the most attractive quality one can possess. Pondered how others can see your strengths till you see it in yourself. Our image enhancement workshops provide an interactive platform for you and all to conquer the hidden fears and explore the inner strengths.
  • Credibility – Assurance while delivering at personal and professional end has become indispensable. Participating in Image enhancement workshops help polishing your appearance thereby encouraging others to rely on you and what you have on offer.
  • Trust –To be trusted is the best compliment one can get. However gaining trust is difficult. Image enhancement takes you through the journey of gaining confidence, credibility and trust altogether conveniently.



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An effective personal image is the ultimate saviour. You can also develop one through our image enhancement workshops that focus on building it deploying techniques for skilful grooming, styling, clothing and coordination of right colours and accessories.

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