Executive Presence Program

“Make it happen yourself because no one else will"

“Toiling away in obscurity and hoping the world will notice has never been a sound strategy.” (Harrison Monarth)

Executive Presence is the quintessence for effective leadership. It is about elevating the status to reach new echelons; it is about networking with confidence with anyone anywhere. The key to building dependable executive presence is in defining and refining the inner strengths to bring out the best from within. It is about richly contributing at the professional front, thence personal too by unlocking the hidden potential.

Our specialized workshops will guide you to scrutinize the building blocks of EP – the globally acknowledged entry to the C-suite. It heartens the participants to tweak the existing leadership skills following the self awareness route ultimately giving way to personal brand development. We emphasize on promoting trust and respect for comprehensive results.

Highlights of the workshop

Executive Presence for leaders

  • Dress with confidence
  • Change management
  • Public speaking
  • Developing listening skills
  • Time management / Time Sheets

Executive presence for leaders

  • Confidence building
  • Personal and professional grooming
  • Team building strategies
  • Conflict resolution and management
  • Goal setting for professional success

Why Executive Presence?

We’ve all witnessed that moment when a leader walks into a room and instantly attracts everyone, we mean the positive attention. Their aura flows in the air. Heads turn. People gravitate toward them in the conversation circle. In short, they have a “wow” factor.

The wow factor is often called “Executive Presence.” our executive presence workshop is specifically designed for professionals seeking t take up leadership roles or are already in such roles but want to take their career to the next level by setting examples of leadership.

The key points of the workshop

  • Leadership – Perception is integral to leadership presence. Whether positive or not, they have a direct impact on your career graph. Our workshop will familiarize you with the right techniques to stand high with exceptional performance that happens to be the foundation of leading with efficacy.
  • Inspiring – Our workshops will show you the path to demonstrate your judgment for getting the job done with integrity. You work on the lines of inspiring others and making them fully committed to accomplish the task and mission at hand.
  • Intellect – With the right guidance, the potential leaders can very well develop the ability to handle and lead themselves before finally leading others. Executive presence workshops are the right way to gaining intellect and translate their thoughts into productive actions led towards accomplishing goals.


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