Color Workshop:

“Color is a power that directly influences the soul.” (Wassily Kandinsky)

“Color is my day-long obsession, joy and torment.” (Claude Monet)

Colour is an important aspect of our existence – it creates both a physiological and emotional response. It is also true to say that the colours one wears will have an effect on other people

The point to know is how to play with colors right. It is about the choice of which color suits you the best leaving an impression not only on others but on self too. Having color harmony in life is essential to accentuate your personality. Our Colour Experts will guide you in building a striking focal point in your outfit by playing right with colors. Donning the colors that complement your personality are indispensable to transform you into the most admired and attractive person in your group.

Our color workshops emphasize on personal color evaluation, the dominant coloring type for you, mixing the colors to give you interesting combinations and much more. Being a part of this color workshop will help you learn the art of combining colors in different ways to enhance your personality and project it in the most pleasing manner.

Program Checklist of the workshop

Seasonal colour Analysis

  • Know your colour season
  • Understand what colours best suit you
  • What colours to avoid
  • i>How to wear your colours and how to combine them
  • How to interpret fashion trends in terms of colour

Colour and Style

  • Right colour selection for makeup
  • Difference in warm and cool colours
  • Skin colours and undertone analysis
  • Colour analysis with drapes
  • Attractive Colour schemes

Why should you attend a colour workshop?

Colour analysis workshop helps you to understand the colours that suit you best and helps to create awareness of the impact that colour has on how you feel about yourself and how you are perceived by others. 

Outcomes of the workshop: 

  • Confidence – Every colour combination is different and every person’s set of colour characteristics is unique. Wearing the right color combination boosts your confidence at every occasion.
  • Supportive – While sorting out personal image related sensitive issues, it is integral to do it in a supportive yet fun environment. Our sessions are especially tailored in a way to focus on particular as well as general challenges faced by you in your life.
  • Impact – Leaving an impact, that too, a positive one has to be planned. Talking about first impressions understanding best colors for your personal style – all call for an experienced consultant to guide you through. Our workshop will familiarize and prepare you for all.
Knowing your best colours can have a dramatic effect on your appearance. It is a great start for the journey to a new, confident and gorgeous you!

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